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Teeth Whitening

Dental Implants

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the look of your smile.  You can purchase your own whitening strips, or We can make custom trays that you can wear at home and re-use as many times as you'd like.  A normal frequency of whitening is about every year. 

Dental Implants are the best way to replace a missing space in almost every situation.  They are also the best way to secure a denture!  The implant is made of the highest medical grade titanium, which after placement, is accepted by the body as if it was its own.  A custom crown is then fabricated and placed on the implant 3-6 months later.  A temporary tooth can be made on the day of surgery.   
Dr. Cope performs both the implant placement and the crown restoration.

Click on this YouTube video to see more about tooth whitening​

Click on this YouTube video to see more detail on implant surgery

Other Procedures

Crowns and Veneers

Dr. Cope provides numerous other procedures, and gives you different options that you can choose from to meet your budget and desires.
Other procedures include: fillings, root canals, extractions, dentures, custom sports mouth guards, occlusal guards, and anti-snoring appliances. 
Dr. Cope uses the strongest tooth-colored ceramic material available for his crowns, called zirconia.   A crown covers the entire tooth.  It provides good esthetics, but is mainly used to give strength and longevity to a tooth.  Veneers cover the front of the teeth only and are used as a smile makeover.  You can almost instantly get a brighter and straighter smile with crowns and/or veneers.

YouTube video for hammer test on a zirconia crown vs the old PFM crown

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